a few small nips.
So, I’m a drag king. Khal-Easy at your service.sorry about my lopsided nipple drawings.

So, I’m a drag king. Khal-Easy at your service.

sorry about my lopsided nipple drawings.

Dear straight girls,

Yes, we’re at the gym in the showers. No, I’m not checking you out. Please quit looking at me like I’m planning on ways to sneak up and stick my fist up your vagina. Thanks.

"She’s like a rubix cube you want to spend your whole life solving."

Best. Compliment. Ever.

As promised, here’s lil Lelo, my (almost) 3 month old German Shepherd puppy.

As promised, here’s lil Lelo, my (almost) 3 month old German Shepherd puppy.


AMARANTHINE LAMENT is proud to announce the release of its new demo cassette “Spirit Geist”. It contains 90 minutes of music, recorded between the months of August and December 2013. The music falls somewhere between the atmospheric and raw sides of black metal - sometimes being one, sometimes the other and often both.

As well as being the first demo to contain vocals, this release heralds the “real” beginning of Amaranthine Lament’s journey, and as such, is also the first item to be released on the creator’s own label, “Amaranthine Pathways”. At the moment, this label is merely a symbolic entity unifying all of the creator’s self-released releases, but may become something more than that in due course.

There are two versions of the demo available: the cassette and the download edition.

The cassette represents the demo as it was originally conceived and is limited to 15 hand-numbered copies. 10 copies have currently been made (8 left as of this post), and there are 5 more to come.

The download, for several reasons, omits certain tracks and also contains some other sonic differences from the cassette.

The cassette tracklist is as follows:

Side ‘Spirit’
A1. Pathways To Impotence
A2. Skogsslottet / Kulde (Ildjarn cover)
A3. Ulalume
A4. Unmarked Graves
A5. An Incessant Means To An End - First Movement
Side ‘Geist’
B1. An Incessant Means To An End - Second Movement
B2. A View From The Internal Perspective
B3. Abstract Cosmic Collision
B4. Paradise, Part II (Beherit cover)
B5. Shadows Distort My Vision Of The Universe
B6. Black Shining Leather (Carpathian Forest cover)

Price is £5 (+ postage if ordering the cassette).

The download edition can be streamed and purchased from Bandcamp. You can order the cassette there too, or you can go to http://www.amaranthinelament.co.uk and click on ‘order’ to find out how to order directly from me. The latter is better if you want multiple items (there are also copies of Amaranthine Lament’s previous demos still available).



Split [2013] | ambient black metal | Germany

submitted by thelatahexperience



Lacrimis Caeli [2013] | ambient black metal | Kazakhstan


Fyrnask - Jarðeldr

Ambient Black Metal


Anwech | My Frozen Dream Slept Too Eternally (2007)

Liveride | Kokoh (2012)


Liveride | Kokoh (2012)